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Enhanced Filter Company, Inc. has been involved in the Air Filtration industry for well over two decades. We understand our success is dependant upon your success. We actively seek vendor to customer partnerships, this is this type of relationship that has given us the ability to excel to the highest levels in quality and service. 

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  An electro-mechanical filter material that exhibits high efficiencies with low pressures. Ideal for respiratory applications which require high bacterial and viral removal. With a stable shelf life and reasonable cost, Technostat is the solution to a variety of filtration requirements.


  Ultrasorb carbon fiber filter medium consists of highly porous activated carbon fibers. Free of any binders or substrates, this material is 100% activated carbon by weight. This immense surface area provides speed and capacity far beyond conventional carbons like granular activated carbon.

Media Library

  We have an extensive media library and can provide various options depending on filtration requirements. Whether addressing a new application or improving on an existing filter design, our team will guide you to a solution that meets or exceeds your performance and economic requirements.